Interactive Machine Learning

Robots and other AI-enabled systems maintain an understanding of the world through mathematical models. Manual specification of these models is incomplete and error-prone, while existing learning algorithms demand a large amount of labeled data. Despite the emphasis on big data, in many settings (including human-machine interaction) labeled data remains scarce. Further, in contrast to how humans learn, labels offer machines a very low-bandwidth channel to acquire information. To enable machine learning in such SmallData settings, we must shift to a hybrid paradigm, where learning is done both from data and human feedback.

Building on this insight, we are developing interactive approaches that allow robots/algorithms to ask questions and humans to provide feedback while learning models. In addition to enabling human-machine interaction in new settings, this research has broad applications for learning generative models, transferring agent experience from simulations to the real world, and for enabling the use of learning algorithms by non-programmers.


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