We are hiring! If you are interested in joining our group, please review the information below.

PhD Students

Positions are available each year for students with expertise in robotics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence. Prior experience in focus areas (human-robot interaction, human-AI collaboration, explainable AI) and application domains (AI in education, healthcare, and disaster response) is preferred but not required. Broadly speaking, we are looking for students with strong fundamentals who are interested in these focus areas and / or application domains.

If you are a current Rice student, please send an email to me (Vaibhav Unhelkar) indicating your research interests.

If you are a prospective Rice student, please apply to the Rice CS PhD program. There is no application fee for the Ph.D. program. In your application, please list me as a professor who you would like to work with.

Optionally, you can also send me an email expressing your interest. If you have already sent me an email expressing interest: First, thanks for reaching out and interest in the group’s research. Due to significant email volume, I am unable to respond to all emails – accept my apologies. I appreciate receiving your emails and do read them.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

We currently have one opening for a post-doctoral researcher interested in contributing to our lab’s interdisciplinary research.

To be considered for this opening, please send an email to me (Vaibhav Unhelkar) with your CV, research interests, career aspirations, and tentative start date. We also strongly recommend that you apply to the Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Undergraduate Researchers

More information coming soon…

High-School Students

We currently have no openings for high-school students interested in part-time or summer research. Please continue to monitor this page for future opportunities.