An AI Coach for Surgical Teamwork

Cardiac surgery is crucial for treating serious heart conditions, with over 900,000 procedures performed annually. In these high-stakes operations, teams comprising surgeons, anesthesiologists, perfusionists, and nurses work together in the complex environment of the cardiac Operating Room (OR). Ideal teamwork is essential for success, but this is often challenged by factors like high workload, fatigue, and interruptions, which can lead to human errors and impact patient safety. Our project aims to mitigate these risks by developing an AI-enabled coaching system (AI Coach) designed to enhance surgical teamwork in the cardiac OR.

The envisioned AI Coach system will combine data from multimodal sensors, novel data-driven algorithms, and an intuitive user interface, all aimed at enhancing teamwork in cardiac surgery settings. At the heart of the AI Coach system are innovative: multi-agent imitation learning algorithms to learn generative models of surgical teamwork from behavioral and physiological data; and explainable AI algorithms to generate interpretable feedback for improving surgical teamwork. In collaboration with medical and human factors experts, the project will refine this system by employing iterative, user-centered design approaches. Please see the recent research outcomes (listed below) to learn more.

This cross-disciplinary project is a collaboration with the Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Lab of VA Boston, Interactive Robotics Group of MIT, the STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation of Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Eduardo Salas at Rice University. We acknowledge the NSF/NIH Smart Health and Biomedical Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Science Program for supporting this project.


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